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Personal development, yoga and walking retreat

19 - 26 May 2023
with Justyna 


Pause to come back to your essentials and true self.
Reclaim your inner authority & experience and deepen your life purpose. Relax and rest.

You will come after this retreat with a feeling of lightness, strengthened in body and mind, inspired, with a clearer sense of your life purpose and your priorities, and how to start translating them into your daily life once back home.

A week just for you on intimate retreat. With daily yoga, meditations, group coaching sessions, reflective walks. Unwind, refuel, explore, enjoy company of like minded people. Cocooned by two experienced facilitators and a hosting family. Discover historic island of Lesvos, sacred place where Europe meets Asia and traces of ancient Greeks, Ottomans, Romans blend into the pristine landscapes, off the tourist beaten track.

Through our practice of movement, meditation and enquiry we will exploring ways to „come back home” to our inner knowledge, our internal wisdom, our leader within. Discover what is essential for you, what you value most. Yoga, walking and creative expression will help us to bring body, mind and heart more in alignment.

Enjoy delicious yoga in the villa’s garden or direct on the sea shore. Like ancient philosophers, we will use walking in olive groves and in mountain landscapes to help deepen our reflections and get new insights. Nature will give us inspiration and enable a deep dive within ourselves.

Creating together a safe space for sharing and support. Alternating moments of connection and inspiration with others, laughing and individual self-reflection. Challenge yourself with one day in silence and some journaling.
Enjoy free time to relax, read, swim, explore the coast, be kissed by the sun. Close the day with a meditation and a gathering in a circle to share reflections on a day. As an extra treat, we will climb a mountain and enjoy sunset picnic dinner with an amazing view over the island.

The workshop is lead by Justyna Glodowska- Wernert, EMCC accredited coach with 20 years experience in yoga and mindfulness . Raised in a port city, she started mountain hiking as a teenager. She is fascinated by the transformative power of nature, yoga and meditation and is committed to helping individuals to flourish. She works with individuals and teams and leads walking seminars on purposeful leadership for managers in international oganisations.  ‘’I smile in all languages and speak English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.

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