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Gati Yoga Retreat with Leo

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Gati is a retreat with yoga and meditation retreat focusing on all kinds of conscious movement. 
Our goal is to bring people together in this wonderful and untouched part of Greece, not yet flooded by tourists, there where Europe meets Asia and where Turkey is your every morning view!
A friendly space, safe space for everyone, where you 'll find simple and genuine family vibes which are the key to a down to earth feeling of togetherness, for people who are curious about foreign cultures and want to travel differently.

In 2023, it will be 20 years that our friend Léo is coming to Votsala and Thermi! Growing up every summer together with Lina and the local community, he is now an official yoga teacher offering yoga classes and retreats.
This season, Léo will organize several YOGA RETREATS focusing on different activities beside the daily yoga practice : hiking - rock climbing - sound healing and gong bath - meditation, breathwork and mindfulness
The stays will also have different durations to fit everyone schedule, from a 3 days to a full immersive one - week retreat.
Open to all levels and sport oriented, expect to sweat in the rock climbing week or to meditate and focus on your inner self in the Sound healing or Mindfulness retreat.
The first course will happen around Orthodox Easter holidays
Full calendar of the activities will be uploaded here soon and make sure to follow the updates through Gati’s Yoga social media


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