in Covid-19 times

Home is where the heart is...!

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•       The “unforgettable” 2020 Votsala summer.  


We did open on the 1st of July! For sure we are not richer at the end of the season, but we are very happy to have offered lovely holidays to the ones who could make it and jobs to our amazing staff. As one can guess we only had few guests, with a peak of about 30 people between 20 July and 15 August. It was very relaxing for us… and with lots of time to swim, chat with our guests (from some distance!), and even join a boat trip altogether! We want once again to thank very much not only our guests who came in person, but also our guests who have been very generous supporting our virtual tip-box. In combination with the government's/EU programmes, we managed to keep all our staff for the season, working part-time and saving 80% of their 2019 income.    

•       What about hygienic rules...?  


That was an experience: Votsala in action following all protocols! On the one hand, our “No air-conditioning, No disco, No pool, No Greek nights” motto became in fashion... Adding the independent entrances to the rooms from the garden and the large outdoor surfaces exposed to the fresh Aegean breeze where most of the action takes place, things went as “good” as we could have hoped. On the other hand, it was hard not to be able to hug and kiss our guests upon arrival – obviously repeaters 99% of them. How to stop Daphne from doing that! Our “crazy” programme was possible after all! Getting into cars in smaller “bubbles” and splitting in smaller groups at the local tavernas. Our buffet was also different but still possible. We served standing behind the buffet and was nice to be so close forgetting in fact that there was just a Plexiglas between us! Similar for our BBQ nights and the usual Wednesday dinner. All tasty as usual, and despite having to slightly adjust our very social way of hosting you, as satisfactory as it gets!

•     Is Lesvos and Votsala and Daphnis & Chloe the right destination...?


Greece managed very well the Covid-19 first wave, and is doing relatively well during this second wave. Also on Lesvos things have been relatively calm, the hospital is still coping fine with the number of (not too many) cases. Hopefully, by the summer, also globally things will look better. Travelling is surely challenging during these times, but if you plan to travel to your second home in summer 2021, then Votsala and Daphnis & Chloe should be your choice! The 2020 experience made us wiser, but also better prepared, to adjust and host you in an environment that is as “relaxing” and “safe” as where we would like to spend our holidays! And fortunately or unfortunately, we are pretty sure we can promise: No Big Crowds and plenty of time to see you! We will be there to welcome you and hopefully sooner rather than later kissing you too, without masks!
















If you have missed Lesvos, or if you have not been to Lesvos yet, here is a traditional song from Lesvos sang by our Lina, in August, in front of the Roman Aqueduct in Moria. See/listen by clicking here on YouTube.

Join Daphne & Iannis online preparing delicious Greek meals.

•       Every second Saturday at 4:00 pm (Athens time).

•       Cooking is on “Zoom” and the dinner is on us!

If interested in joining please contact Daphne for the “menu”,

and other practical details. Email her at    

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And till we meet again....see us Online!

Important changes took place in 2020 on Lesvos. If you like to know more about the migrants’ situation now and our humanitarian activities click here.