in Covid-19 times

Home is where the heart is...!

  • ​​What's new now...? 

Seasonal hotels in Greece can open after the 15 of June........And yes, we will do so!

For sure we will not be richer at the end of the season, but we will be very happy having offered lovely holiday to the ones who can make it and having offered jobs to our lovely staff. 

Actually since we don't expect many guests, we kind of look forward for once to a relaxing August experience!

We want once again to thank very much our quests who have already being very generous supporting our virtual tip-box. We are now sure that in combination with the government's/EU programmes, we will succeed in keeping all our staff for the season, working part or full time also depending on how many guests will actually come.

  • What about hygienic rules...?

All hotels are obliged to use the same protocols (and we will do even more). But suddenly our hotels seem to be ahead of history:

No air-conditioning, No disco, No pool, No Greek nights… Plus to our “traditional” “No… No…”  we can now add:

- No need to walk through long corridors, through lobbies, no use of elevators or formal check-in processes.

- Instead, independent entrances to the rooms directly from the garden, huge outdoor surfaces exposed to the fresh Aegean breeze where most of the action will be taking place.


Of course, our concept is based on the exact opposite of social distancing. But we will just slightly adapt for as long as needed.

So: Yes, to our crazy programme! Probably getting into the cars in a different way, and splitting in smaller groups per table at the local tavernas. Also while the buffet and social queues on Saturday evenings are postponed, we have lots of ouzo to accompany Daphne’s and Rudina’s “nostimo” meals on our seaside terrace!

  • Is Lesvos the right destination...?

As all hotels, we will have our personal doctor adviser, ready to help if needed. Due to its size, Lesvos is actually one of the only five Greek islands that have a Covid-19 reference hospital, making it a safer destination. Surprisingly the Covid crisis made the refugee situation better. Lesvos now offers slightly better conditions than before and practically zero new arrivals.


Greece has managed exemplary well with the Covid-19 crisis. Earlier than other countries our experts proposed and our politicians took all measurements needed. After a 3-week experiment, without lock-down, the number of new cases in Greece is still very low.


So if you plan to travel to a second home this summer, then Votsala and Daphnis & Chloe should be your choice!

And till we meet....see you Online!

Take a deep breath and join Lina on her daily “Online Yoga” classes!

  • Daily classes at 7:00 pm (Athens time) 

  • Private sessions are also possible.

  • Classes are on "Zoom". They are for free, but a suggested donation to Lina is welcome.

  • For more details contact Lina at or her WhatsApp at +30 6944232262.

Join Daphne & Iannis online preparing a delicious Greek meal. 

  • Every second Saturday at 4:00 pm (Athens time). 

  • Cooking is on “Zoom” and the dinner is on us!

  • If interested in joining please contact Daphne for the “menu”, and other practical details. Email her at or her mobile: +30 6947606968.

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