Greek language courses

It sounds “all Greek to you”  but Greek is not as difficult as you think.  Especially when you first get some lessons based on words that you already know but you have never thought that you know.


Have you ever heard how Greeks say the word “milk”?  You think not, and you also think you will never remember it, when we will tell you that we say “gala”.  Well, you only need to remember the myth with baby Hercules, the son of Zeus. He was only half god because his mother was a human. Zeus wanted him to become immortal. He puts the baby on Hera’s breast while she was sleeping.  Hera (always jealous) wakes up and with a circular movement takes Hercules away while her milk spreads out on the sky forming since then the galaxy, called also milky way.

In the morning after breakfast with a teacher specialised on teaching Greek to foreigners.


  • two hours Greek course in two levels (beginners- less beginners)


In the afternoon/evening with our crazy team (Lina, Monika, Iannis, Daphne)

  • We walk and “philosophise” about Greek nature.

  • We cook traditional dishes speaking Greek.

  • We dance counting in Greek.

  • We sing Greek songs.

  • We eat and drink in local taverns. Yiamas!

  • We observe the stars and the Mythological figures of the constellations.