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Mission: “Tip our lovely staff in advance”

To offer our staff a “tip in advance”, you are in theory “cancelling your stay”. This is a way we are permitted to have some income, and we will be issuing receipts for that. We will then use your “cancellation fees” to support our people by hiring “more” than what any serious business would do. We hope we will be able to guarantee our staff some basic income, health insurance, pension contributions, and access to their usual state benefits for seasonal workers.


  • Visit our virtual tipbox”. This our bank’s “livepay” online payment system. You will offer your tip via your credit or debit card. The process is simple, safe and there are no transaction costs.

  • Last minute Update: The bank is already not particularly happy with out tip box, it blocks it after the first 4 tips daily! We try to sort that. If you face problems, try to search for both businesses (the mission is joint), try tomorrow, or just get in touch with us!


  • Type “votsala” or “daphnis” to search for us. Click on “Votsala Hotel” or “Villa Daphnis & Chloe” and “ok”:










  • Enter your card details and proceed with the confirmation.


  • The bank will notify us of your tip. But we would love to get an email from you as well at our inbox (

  • Obviously, A VERY BIG THANK YOU on behalf of all staff at Votsala and Villa Daphnis & Chloe.



  • As message enter “Cancellation & Your Name”, then enter any amount you wish to donate. Of course, there is no minimum, but there is a maximum of 400 :-) 

  • Drop us an email if you want to tip the staff more.  Or simply split the amount by using another card of somebody else, or tip both businesses instead of just one.

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