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How to reach Lesvos

Lesvos is not a main tourist destination; therefore there are relative few direct flights from Europe. You can of course always come via Athens or Thessalonica.  Aegean/Olympic as members of Star Alliance can be combined with companies like British Airways or Lufthansa and your baggage is checked through to Mytilini (MJT), your final destination.  Same happens with the Greek Skyexpress combined with Easy Jet  and Condor. You can of course use low-cost companies like Ryanair but then you need to calculate some time to pick up your luggage and drop it to Aegean or Sky express. Better fly with handbag only.  Locally you need just a couple of swimming suits, some T-shirts and light cloths. We have the beach towels!


Un. Kingdom

Direct flights from UK to Lesvos with

- LONDON Stansted - Mytilene (MJT), every Thursday, from of April 20 till 
Oct. 05.

- MANCHESTER -MAN - Mytilene (MJT), every Sunday, from of May 07 till Oct. 08. and every Wednesday, from 31 May till 20 September

- BRISTOL [BRS]  - Mytilene (MJT), every Sunday, from May 29 till Oct. 09. 

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Germans living in the West side of the country can easily catch a direct to Lesbos flight from Amsterdam or Brussels. The others still need to fly to Athens or Thessaloniki and then to Lesbos-Mytilini (MJT), but you can book and check-in both flights, as if it was one company, with: Easy Jet (Berlin), Condor (Dusseldorf, Leipzig), Lufthansa (Frankfurt, Munich) or Aegean (Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Dusseldorf), Skyexpress (Munich).

Alternatively you can fly to Mykonos or Samos (more direct flights to those islands).Twice a week from Samos once from Mykonos there is a Ferry connection to Lesvos.

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 13.39.35.png

Fly Samos,
Lemnos or Mykonos, 
take the ferry to Lesvos!

Fly Samos, Lemnos or Mykonos then take the ferry to Lesvos!
   Via Samos:  "Blue Star ferries" every Saturday 13:30 → Lesvos (Mytilene) at 20:15 and Monday 23:15 → Lesvos (Mytilene) at 06:00  It works also the other way round (Mo. Wed. Sat early in the morning). Flights from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Zurich. 
       Via Mykonos:  There are several international flights to Mykonos from all over Europe including low cost companies.You need to be there on Tuesday night in order to catch the ferry after midnight. In between ...Mykonos is very known for its bars!!!!!  Wednesday (SOS! Tuesday night) from Mykonos 01:40 → Lesvos (Mytilene) at 09:05  This idea does’t work the other way round.
       Via Lemnos:  "Blue Star ferries" every Monday 5:25, Wednesday 11:55, Thursday 21:40 and Saturday 18:05 and the trip takes only 6 hours. It works also the other way round. Flights from Copenhagen CPH, Stockholm ARN, Vienna VIE, London LGW. 



Direct flights from Belgium to Lesvos with every Friday from 29 April - 23 September 



Direct flights from Holland to Lesvos with Coredon

AMSTERDAM - Lesvos (MJT), every Monday and Thursday, from April 21 till October 06.



From 5th of June and every Sunday from Oslo, with Apollo 



The nearest airport is Izmir. Alternatively you can take a bus to Ayvalik and then the evening ferry to Mytilini. This might oblige you an overnight in Izmir, Ayvalik or even better at Pergamon.
In 2022 a Turkish company has announced a Catamaran coming from Izmir to Lesvos twice/week. No schedule so-far (15/6).  

Ferry Boat πρωινό στο λιμάνι_0003 copy.J

Use the ferry

There are ferries every evening from Athens/Piraeus.  
“Hellenic Seaways” / “Blue Star Ferries” schedule daily overnight ferries every evening from Athens/Piraeus. 

Trip needs 11 hours via Chios Island to reach Lesvos. Trip costs about €80/p with bed in cabin with the advantage that you don't pay a hotel for that night.


Island hopping

The easiest island to visit from Lesvos is Chios. Only 3 hours distance from Lesvos and daily ferry connections. The other idea is to fly Via Lemnos or Mykonos and combine those islands. Longer, but possible, is also to visit directly  Ikaria or Patmos with the  “Blue Star Ferries”. 

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