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African Drumming

Percussion for Joy and Energy

with Gerda

20.5.2024 – 24.5.2024


27.5.2024 – 31.5.2014

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Why should you give African drumming a try?

Fun and Culture: Learn about Africa's diverse cultures through the
exciting rhythms of its drums.

Beats and Rhythm: Improve your sense of timing and coordination while
having a blast making cool beats.

Feel Great: Drumming is like a workout for your body and mind, plus it's
a fantastic stress-buster.

Meet New Friends: Join our drumming classes and connect with friendly
people who share your interests.

Get Creative: Express yourself, create your unique rhythms, and find
your own drumming style.

the World: Explore the global influence of African drumming and
its historical roots.

Personal Growth: Boost your confidence and discover hidden talents as
you learn to drum.

Relaxation: Drumming can be a soothing, meditative experience, helping

you find inner peace.

Lifelong Fun: Enjoy a hobby you can pursue for life, with endless
rhythms to learn.



Join us for an introductory lesson and embark on a musical journey full
of rhythm, culture, and fun!


We will be drumming 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

It is possible to just pop in for one or two days or to join one or even two weeks.


For more info visit:

Gerda Hahn

Tel: 0049 1701888 336


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