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Autumn walks with Nana and Nina
from 1st till 08th of October 2023


  • Walking in tranquil autumn nature

  • Fishing tour with local fishermen (or alternative walk for the no-fishers)

  • Tasting delicious meals in local tavernas

  • We will harvest our olives, press them and get a bottle each of a fresh virgin Votsala olive oil at home

  • .....and having a GOOD TIME!!

Nature is calming down after the hot summer!

Autumn flowers start spreading their colors under the olive trees.

Nice temperatures for walking, sea still warm.

For both groups we will have walks in the afternoon at the sunset, or for the early birds, morning walks having breakfast at the sunrise. And if the temperatures permit we will make our trips as usual during the day. There will always be time for swimming and relaxation.

Our days are enriched by:

- fishing tour (optional) in the calm autumn sea

- visiting ancient sites, hidden chapels, museums, hot springs, walks along tranquil beaches and through small villages

We enjoy delicious meals at local tavernas, or we can cook all together traditional dishes at hotel Votsala or at the Villa.

Our idea is to have a small group of 10-15 people, so that we can make good company, sharing knowledge, beautiful and strange impressions and having fun with our small "adventures" and our "big" discoveries!

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