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Nostimo cook book

"Nostimo"means tasty in Greek!

Nostos is the Greek word for homecoming. Nostos is a theme dealt with in many Homeric writings such as the Odyssey, in which the main character, Odysseus, strives to get home after the Trojan War. 

If "Nostalgia" includes a general interest in past eras and something from one's childhood, "Nostimo" is in fact what reminds you of grand mas food!


Quilombo is a small elephant who arrives on the island of Lesvos from a distant land. 

Dirty and abandoned, he seems so foreign and different. But he is just the same as all the children in the world. Those living in refugee camps and those sleeping peacefully in their homes with toy animals in their arms.


Book Order

Each "Nostimo" costs 20€, 

each "Quilombo" costs 12€ including postage. To make an order:

1) Send us the form.

2) Pay the relevant amount visiting our bank's online pay system.

3) Wait patiently for the postman to receive an envelope with the books and a receipt.

For any doubts contact us at:

Tel: +30 2251071231

Mobile: +30 6946901643

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