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Our Villa Daphnis & Chloe
"not just a seminar house"

The Villa is a five minutes walk from Votsala. Votsala and/or the Villa combined are the perfect place to host any kind of workshops, seminars and study abroad programs.   

Every year we host Study Abroad Programmes from,
- Norway: University of Kristiansand Uia (entrepreneurship)
- US: Michigan State University (Sociology of Family & Globalisation)
- US: Lewis & Clark college, Portland, Oregon (Classical studies, excavations with local archaeologists) 

For us Votsala and the Villa are not just beautiful venues, it's an invitation to experience the true Greek way of life through the eyes of our family. We welcome you to bring your groups and if you wish to join our family in various excursions and activities that we offer. Whether you're drawn to architectural insights, historical journeys, culinary delights, or nature exploration, we have something special in store for everyone.

We are a Family running the two hotels laying nearby.

As a contrast to other hotels, our family members are living and working in the hotel. We love helping you find the way to our favourite non-touristic corners. Our proposed activities accompany you through nature,history, local life, culture, and cuisine.

  • Iannis a history lover and Christophe a real historian, will lead you on historical excursions, revealing Lesvos’ rich past.

  • Delve into the art of Greek cuisine with Daphne. She offers captivating cooking classes and hosts delightful picnics and dinners by picturesque chapels and abandoned monasteries.

  • Embark on nature walks guided by Lina. Discover the island's natural beauty and hidden gems. 

About Lesvos:

Twelve million olive trees have protected Lesvos from mass tourism. During the "dark" 60s and 70s, olive oil production kept the population on the island. The population of about ninety thousand inhabitants had no reason to transform their houses into "rooms to let". The low development of Lesvos is now the big advantage of the island. No big hotels, no artificial settlements overcrowded in summer and empty in the winter. Lesvos offers instead real Greek villages inhabited by locals. From ancient times, Lesvos has been a wellspring of inspiration for countless writers, musicians, artists, and philosophers. Notable figures such as Aristotle, the father of Biology, Theophrastus, the first Botanist, Arion, the Guitarist, and Sappho, the first lyric poet, have all drawn from the island's unique energy and beauty. 

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