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Votsala and Villa Daphnis & Chloe
"a very different Wedding"

At Hotel Votsala and Villa Daphnis and Chloe, we're not your typical wedding destination, and that's by design. We're not hosting just one evening wedding parties. We're here to offer an extraordinary experience for couples who want to experience also our vision. While weddings aren't our primary focus, we've had the privilege of hosting already five remarkable celebrations for couples who sought something truly special." Couples who like you, wanted “a different wedding".

Exchange your vows in our intimate theater nestled among ancient olive groves. Follow the celebration with a joyous party in our seaside garden, where the sea breeze and twinkling stars set the stage for an unforgettable evening. 
Embrace the Experience: Our vision is simple—celebrate your love with a minimum four-day (or longer) escape on the mesmerizing island of Lesvos. Share this journey with your friends and family, who will become a part of the Votsala and Villa experience.
Beyond the picturesque venues, we offer more than just a celebration. Allow us to introduce you to Lesvos through the eyes of our family. We craft bespoke programs, including guided nature tours, historical walks, and delightful picnics in scenic spots for your guests. You'll dine in tavernas cherished by the locals and connect with the heart of the island.

We are a Family running the two hotels laying nearby.

As a contrast to other hotels, our family members are living and working in the hotel. We love helping you find the way to our favourite non-touristic corners. Our proposed activities accompany you through nature,history, local life, culture, and cuisine.

  • Iannis a history lover and Christophe a real historian, will lead you on historical excursions, revealing Lesvos’ rich past.

  • Delve into the art of Greek cuisine with Daphne. She offers captivating cooking classes and hosts delightful picnics and dinners by picturesque chapels and abandoned monasteries.

  • Embark on nature walks guided by Lina. Discover the island's natural beauty and hidden gems. 

Lesvos, home to twelve million olive trees, has been protected from mass tourism. This island's 'slow development' is its greatest advantage—no big hotels, no artificial crowds. Instead, you'll find authentic Greek villages, inspired by its rich history and untouched beauty. Lesvos has been a muse for countless thinkers and artists, from Aristotle to Sappho, who drew inspiration from its unique energy. Celebrate your love in this timeless haven. 
We are waiting for you…. 

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