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Gati Yoga Retreat 

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_Yoga & Rock Climbing → June 09th_16th
_ Intro to Ashtanga → June 19th_23rd
_Yoga: Body and mind →August 31st_September 07th
_Yoga & Hiking → September 22nd_29th

Gati is a retreat with yoga and meditation retreat focusing on all kinds of conscious movement. 
Our goal is to bring people together in this wonderful and untouched part of Greece, not yet flooded by tourists, there where Europe meets Asia and where Tur
key is your every morning view.

Join us for a journey that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected to the world around you.A friendly space, safe space for everyone, where you 'll find simple and genuine family vibes which are the key to a down to earth feeling of togetherness, for people who are curious about foreign cultures and want to travel differently.
Our program features daily yoga practices, meditation, and a range of complementary activities including hiking, swimming, rock climbing, traditional Greek spa treatments, Gong bath & sound healing, breathwork & mindfulness, and more. 

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