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What is Odysseas?

ODYSSEAS is a non-profit organisation founded by Daphne Vloumidi and Shohreh by Maydell. Since its founding in 2012, we provide learning and integration projects for young refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos.


"We can not control or influence the path of these people into the future.

But we see that even on a small scale there are opportunities to help them.

What is normal for our children here in Europe - can be very special for these people,

Simple things like attention, encouragement, help to manage their daily lives!

These people must not crash on the cliffs of Europe.  We try to help them make good use of their time on Lesvos and after the dangers of their trip to find a way into the future”.

That's what we stand for.

Daphni Vloumidi - Shohreh Von Maydell

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