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our philosophy

Less is often more, therefore we promise: 

  • No disco in the hotel

Instead, classical music wakes you gently as you enjoy your speciality breakfast under the trees on the waterside terrace; traditional Greek music accompanies your dinner in the restaurant and cool jazz helps you relax after dinner as you enjoy a drink under the dazzling moonlit sky. (But if you really need a disco, the nearest one is 4 km away!)

  • No TV in the rooms

For a few days forget the television, just relax with a book, perhaps by one of the island’s famous authors; or watch the slow action of the day unfold in front of you along the seafront and around the old fishing harbour.

  • No fake “Greek Taverna” in the hotel

A few minutes walk through the hotel gardens to the old port, you will find friendly local tavernas serving freshly caught fish at their waterside tables to both locals and visitors at very reasonable prices. For the lazy ones we offer lunch from 13:00 to 14:30 every day except Sunday and you want to taste some of Daphne’s “Nostimo" Book recipes, we offer dinner every Wednesday and Saturday.

  • No “Greek nights” in the hotel

A 20 minutes walk away, in the old village of Thermi and you can have your hair cut, meet the locals and enjoy a coffee or an ouzo under the shade of the beautiful wisteria.​

  • No swimming pool

From in front of our hotel, for 800 metres, there runs an unspoiled, natural coastline, with quiet beaches and warm safe waters, which are pleasant for swimming.

  • No air conditioning

The welcoming breeze from the Aegean, which cools the islands even in the height of summer, blows gently from your balcony through your room, providing the best air condition you could want.

  • No roof garden

Nine acres of garden, full of Mediterranean flowers and fruit trees surround the hotel and lead down to the sea, with no road in between. And you can pick a lemon for your gin & tonic.

  • No sauna, no hydromassage

Relax in one of the area’s Ottoman-built thermal baths and feel the power of the island’s natural hot-water springs easing the aches from your body.

  • No noisy water sports

But if you wish to take one of our pedal boats or canoes, please feel free. And yes, they are free!

  • No mini-market in the hotel

Small shops in the old port offer all you need to fill the refrigerator in your room and won’t empty your pocket.

  • All in all Hotel Votsala is a happy, relaxing, informal place to stay.

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