Qi Gong by the sea side

Wednesday 12th June until Wednesday 19th June 2019

with Helmut Bräuer

Qi Gong.jpg

Helmut fell in love with Votsala in the 90ties.  Since 1999 and every second year he comes back with a small group of friends and “pupils”. 


20th anniversary in 2019 starting on the 12th of June.


Qi Gong exercises directly on the seaside and at selected powerful places.

Qi Gong practice: deepen and enjoy in resonance with the forces of nature.

Holiday, relaxing and recreation combined with group or individual activities.

Balm for body, mind and soul

Questions and answers, discussions and exchange in the spirit of the DAO and the dynamic of the New Age.

The island itself invites to wonderful tours, cycling, walks, Turkish bath and culinary delights.


Wednesday 12th to Wednesday 19th June 2019

Classes  about 2-3 hours / day


Starting date: Thursday, June 13 in the morning

Course ends:  Tuesday, June 18th in the evening


Helmut Bräuer

Körperschule Allgäu


Email: helmut@koerperschule-allgaeu.de

Internet: www.koerperschule-allgaeu.de