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Spring Walks 2024 with Nana and Nina

19th-29th of April. Special theme:
"Wines of Lesvos - 3000 years of history in a wine glass" 


  • Thousands of colourful flowers

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • 2-3 hours of daily, mild walks in different areas of the island

  • Delicious meals in local tavernas

  • Cosy evenings at the Villa

  • “Philosophical” conversations on small and big matters

  • Funny adventures

  • Good company

  • and… YOU!

Nature is in bloom! 
We take daily walks among our varied and beautiful landscapes in different parts of the island.
On our walks we will see orchids and wild flowers, ancient sites, hidden chapels, tranquil beaches, small picturesque villages and we may visit museums and hot springs.

After the walks we always end up in a countryside taverna, where we all together enjoy a typical Greek meal with local products.  We might also have a picnic in beautiful surroundings, or cook all together traditional dishes. We stay at the Villa Daphnis & Chloe, close to Hotel Votsala.
Our idea is to have a small group of about 15 people, so that we can make good company, sharing knowledge, beautiful and strange impressions and having fun with our small "adventures" and our "big" discoveries!

Every year we introduce a theme based on different aspects of the island.
For 2024 the theme is:

“Wines of Lesvos - 3000 years of history in a wine glass”  

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