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A taste of Turkey

Lesvos history was always related to the towns of Asia Minor such as the nearby Troy and Pergamon or further ones like Sardes and Efessos.  Today you can easily book a daily round trip and visit the first two sites. For Sardes and Efessos you need to overnight in Turkey. 

From Mytilini to Ayvalik or from Petra to Kucukkuyu:  Daily round trips all through the summer months.  Don't forget your passport (or ID card for EU citizens), Turkey is not a Schengen member and you will queue at the customs office. 

Iannis, expert of History can help you organising a round trip to the ancient Greek sites. Daphne can help you visiting the oriental bazar in Ayvalik on Thursdays!

Nana or Nina can order your tickets from our reception. Round-trip tickets cost €20


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